Raleigh Parks becomes a WakeNature signatory

On 2012 Nov 8, Diane B. Sauer, Director of Raleigh Parks and Recreation,
signed the WakeNature Memorandum of Understanding, making Raleigh Parks
an official voting member of WakeNature.

WakeNature and Raleigh Parks have worked together since the early days of
WakeNature in a variety of discussions about how to best highlight, celebrate,
and manage Wake County’s natural heritage. During 2010-2011 we worked
together on a Raleigh Parks task force that ultimately led to the creation of four
Nature Preserves and one Protected Natural Area within the Raleigh Parks system.
We have long appreciated the involvement of Melissa Salter and Emily Ander at
WakeNature meetings and are delighted that they will now participate officially
on behalf of a voting member of the Partnership!

We all look forward to a long-lasting collaboration devoted to appropriate management
and long-term stewardship of Wake County’s highest quality natural areas.

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