New lichen species discovered at Turnipseed Nature Preserve

Gary Perlmutter’s account of the lichen species at Turnipseed Nature Preserve,
the first WakeNature Preserve, has been published in Evansia. Perlmutter is a
lichenologist with the UNC Herbarium, a WakeNature partner, who spent more
than a year, on and off, surveying lichen at Turnipseed. The list of species he found
is available here. Thirteen species had not been recorded previously in North Carolina.

Gary Perlmutter. 2013. Lichen biotic inventory of Turnipseed Preserve, North Carolina, USA. Evansia 30(2): 57-68.

Abstract. Turnipseed Preserve in eastern Wake County, North Carolina was surveyed of its lichen diversity in 2009–2011. Specimens were collected from a variety of forest and rock outcrop habitats in this Outer Piedmont / Fall Line transitional zone. From 477 collections, 165 determined species representing 77 genera of lichens, including one lichenicolous fungus and one allied fungus, are reported as a checklist. Thirteen new state records were found, including: 1) three recently-described species:Acarospora janae, Lecanora appalachensis and L. nothocaesiella, and 2) Lichenotheliaceae, a family newly reported for North Carolina represented by the lichenicolous fungus Lichenostigma cosmopolites and the “border-line lichen” Lichenothelia sp. Turnipseed’s lichen biota was compared to those of other surveyed areas in North Carolina and South Carolina via Jaccard analysis, detecting a distance decay of similarity. Suggestions for further research are offered.

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