The WakeNature Preserves Partnership invites you to submit an application for designation of a property under your stewardship as a “WakeNature Preserve” (WNP). The “WakeNature Preserve” designation helps educate the public about and ensure preservation of WakeCounty’s finest natural resources. Applications are considered monthly. WNPPApplication.pdf

The mission of the WakeNature Preserves Partnership is to organize and provide resources to identify ecologically valuable open spaces within Wake County and to build capacity for appropriate management and long-term stewardship of those areas. More information about the Partnership and WakeNature Preserves, including a suggested management plan template , is linked to our homepage at

We strongly encourage you to contact WakeNature before beginning the application process.

A separate application should be completed for each WNP designation request. You may apply for“preliminary” or “final” WNP designation. A preliminary application would be filed if you are expressing your intent for the property to become a WNP but need assistance in completing amanagement plan or initial inventory for the property. Final designation would be sought if you have determined that the property meets the criteria for a WNP and have completed a management and stewardship plan.

Your application must include:

Application Process Overview

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