Get Involved

There are any number of ways to get involved …


Visit a WakeNature Preserve today!  Learn more about the finest natural areas in Wake County.

Come to a WakeNature Preserve Partnership Meeting

WakeNature meetings are open to anyone that has an interest in Wake County’s natural resources. We invite you to attend our meeting and participate at the level you feel comfortable.

We meet on the first Thursday of most months.  To find out when our next meeting is please visit our meeting page.

Become a WakeNature Partner

We’d love to have your organization join our partnership, if you manage land for conservation in Wake County.  Our long-term goal is to include all municipal, non-profit, and private conservation land management agencies.  Please check out our wiki to learn more about our partnership and to see a list of other members.

And contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Apply for WakeNature Preserve Designation

If your organization manages a natural area that you’d like to be considered for WakeNature Preserve designation, have a look at our application information and criteria.  We encourage you to contact us before crafting or submitting an application so that we can help you through the application process.


We don’t have a formal volunteer program, but if you contact us we’ll work with you to find a place with one of our partners.


WakeNature can accept financial contributions through NC State University. Please visit our Donation Page for more details.

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