Apply for a BioBlitz


The purpose of this announcement is to solicit proposals for a bioblitz to be conducted in spring of 2017 by volunteer subject matter experts on a parcel belonging to a member agency. The inventory will take place on a Friday or Saturday in late May or early June, date to-be–determined by WNPP and the host organization. A report of the findings, general species lists, and locations of rare or unusual habitats will be provided to the member agency responsible for the property.

Proposals should include sufficient information for reviewers to understand the following:

  • Location and size of the parcel being proposed for inventory
  • A preliminary description of the existing character of the site (i.e. – approximate percentages of forested, open field, cutover, wetland etc.)
  • Existing knowledge or expectations of element occurrences or sensitive habitats on the site based on natural heritage maps
  • Anticipated future use of the site and the process being used to make those decisions
  • Timeline for decision making and development of the site

Proposals will be evaluated based on the relative importance of the sites proposed from a natural heritage perspective. Additional consideration will be given to how the information collected will impact decision making on the site. Time sensitivity relative to when planning and management decisions will be made by the responsible agency may also be taken into account.

For detailed instructions on how to apply download WakeNature BioBlitz Request for Proposals

Read about last year’s bioblitz at Walnut Hill: 

For more information please contact: John Connors at

Walnut Hill Bioblitz sallie